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🚨ALCON - Intel Drop!!🚨

The moment you have all been waiting for is here!!!

Here is the info for our Halloween Event Feel Free to message us with any questions or for more info.

Make sure and get your spot fast before they are gone!

Below Are The Links for the Field Rules, Event Rules, Game Brief, and Event Schedule. Please read and understand all the rules Its important for a good game. Be sure to get your Tickets Fast and Dont miss this awesome Event!

General Field Rules & Reference Map located @:

Game Schedule:!AhrIsGqCsoUXphhp-T0EhS_kqt3w?e=UkCUba

Game Brief:!AhrIsGqCsoUXphpnGosMAnC33bZT?e=fLpFcG

Night Game Rules:!AhrIsGqCsoUXphyAUd5H5E9HiBkY?e=vCmZgz



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