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Op. Snowfall 2 Tickets are Live!!

Use the link for info and tickets!


BELOW ARE LINKS FOR EVENT INFORMATION (Copy & Paste links for more info on what you need to know)

Field Rules:!ApLsUkAeYz8aazV5GDoGvux6kZo?e=BhqFAO

Game Brief:!ApLsUkAeYz8actXQ-Rg9hHZckUE?e=OrgFlh

Event Schedule:!ApLsUkAeYz8aZ09rR16Zq7wgnbQ?e=eAqEgm

Ben Roark
Ben Roark
Ben Roark
Dec 27, 2021

Hey just letting you know Gus the link to the schedual and rules arent working, at least not for me.



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