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JTC Tactical is the home field for the Oklahoma Jaegers Milsim Team! We are a family & community-driven airsoft facility located in East Central Oklahoma. We strive to provide the most realistic airsoft experience in the state through a controlled, safe, and fun environment. Our staff is highly experienced in all things airsoft and are here to help all players, regardless of skill level or experience, to enjoy their time with us at JTC.

Our facility is made up of a nice 4-acre staging area with a pro-shop, shooting range/Chrono station, pool table, tables, seating, refreshments, and bathrooms. Our field is 70 acres total with roughly half still under development.

The active field provides a truly unique and realistic map layout that requires teamwork, communication, & strategy to be successful!

The active area of operation (AO) is set in a town style arena with 4 buildings, vehicles, a pool, boats, and more realistic cover around the residences.

The surrounding area consists of lightly wooded, mostly flat land on the south and west sides of the AO. Heavily wooded, sloping, rocky terrain is located to the North and East side running along highway 75. 

Please join the members portal for all updates and events! 

Download the Wix Spaces app for access anytime!


My Name Is Augustus Dossey “AKA” Lord Biscuit I am the Owner & Operator of JTC Tactical.

I am Oklahoma born and raised and grew up in Beggs, Oklahoma with my mother and 4 siblings, I have always been into all kinds of outdoor activities fishing, hunting, ATV’s, sports, etc.… we would always go to paintball fields for my birthday when I was growing up and I loved it but was too young to go on my own.

I Started Playing airsoft in 2015 and was drawn to everything about the sport and the Community from the start, about a year into my airsoft Career I started going to Big Airsoft events of all kinds and have had a true love for it ever since. I joined my team the 1st Oklahoma Jaeger Rifles in 2016 and from the start I wanted to make airsoft a hobby I could get paid for, so we began structuring the team in a more professional light and after a while was given the command of the team operations and began building our team brand across the nation at Milsim events, Airsoft Expo’s, and Different Fields.

In 2017 I got linked up with Wade Yancey & Jeff Murphy via my team’s brand Recognition in the surrounding & local communities as well as on social media. They came to me and wanted me, and my teams help to both develop and promote a milsim event. Mudcrab Milsim LLC came shortly after our Founding event Wargames Oklahoma!

Over the next 3 years my team and Mudcrab Milsim have just continued to grow and over the years me and my team had discussed a lot about opening our own field one day and helping to bring that family factor to the community and help to grow the sport in Oklahoma and the Nation by pushing acceptance of anyone to the sport and to support new and young players coming in by helpful tricks of the trade that I learned the hard way.

Well, I was lucky enough in October of 2020 to have the opportunity to make the dream come true and we have begun to build the Best Field, Community, and Family Friendly Airsoft Facilities in the Midwest Region of the US. We look forward to showing everyone how great the sport and community really can be!

Come join the family and let’s GROW TOGETHER!

-Augustus Dossey



I went there for my first time and loved it.

The owners are a very nice family, and work hard to give every player a great time.


The pro shop they have has all the essentials a player could need, at good fair prices.

I am definitely going back and will look forward to buying some stuff there.

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