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JTC offers a whole spectrum of special events and games to fit all play styles and are a great way to bring the community together to buy, sell, trade, & enjoy multiple different types of events, games and play styles.

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Main Event

op santa's sleigh pic.jpg




INTENT: Provide a clear understanding for op. Santa’s Sleigh so all personnel involved in missions & objectives may operate at the peak of their ability to ensure victory for their Faction.

Game Entry: All Players will need to have purchased their ticket via Hop Up before Friday, December 8th, 2023. Players should be Checked In, safety check, and be at their fob location and ready for game by 11Am.


FACTION(s): This event has 2 factions Santa’s Army and Krampus’s Army that are trying to eliminate the other, so they have soul control over the holiday season.


(Load bearing Gear can be any color you wish)

Black, Grey, & White based uniforms faction is known as: Krampus Army

Green & Tan based uniforms is known as: Santa’s Army


ENVIRONMENT: The AO is made up of a Rural Residence with multiple zones made up of structures, vehicles, Pool, and boats for cover around the residences, the surrounding area consists of lightly wooded, mostly flat area around the south and west sides of the residence with heavily wooded, sloping, flowing, rocky terrain to the North. East side runs along an active highway.


OBJECTIVE: There are key capture points in the field that are active at different times during the day. It is your job to secure the locations for your team and defend them until other orders are given.

Each Faction will be given missions and frago’s that your team will need to complete for the biggest points available in game. These missions will be handed down by Game staff to Faction Commanders to inform their team of the objectives as well as changing capture point locations.

(Do not touch or move any objectives until game Command has given instruction to your Faction command to tell you to do so)


REQUIRED:  These Missions Require all day consistent focus to ensure success because of this we will expect all personnel to bring a ruck sack or go bag to your FOB that contains enough food, snacks, water, and field mission supplies for you to continue operations for your side until ENDEX has been called. All personnel should try to have a Radio to ensure your team has strong communication during the game

About the Game:  This Event is a battle between (Santa’s Army) wearing green & tan uniforms Vs. (Krampus’s Army) wearing Black, grey, or white uniforms. These 2 factions are fighting to take over the holiday season for the soul purpose of promoting their brand Christmas fun forever!

Points: the points in this game are made up of Capture Points, Missions, and Frago’s that are counted on an hour-to-hour basis or by completing the mission/Frago in the time frame available!

Capture Points: Capture points change every hour, and a full timetable list of active CPs can be found on your faction FOB Table.

FRAGO’s/Missions: These are special missions and will be given down to faction command & Squad leaders by game staff via radio communications and will be relayed to players to complete given mission. (Don’t touch any props unless instructed to do so by faction command)

These missions can be simple to more complex and you must coordinate with your command to ensure that the missions are being completed in the proper way to count as points for your side.

milsim weekend photo.jpg

Bi-Monthly Milsim Event - 6 of 6 complete
MilSim Weekend            2023 Final Score: T: 19,500 G:18,800

About the Event:

This Event is a (ALPHA) TAN vs GREEN (Omega) event that has an annual point system that is counted based on your team’s performance in the 6 weekends of Bi-Monthly games held in January, March, May, July, September, & November then at the end of the year all points are reset once a winner has been determined for the next years cycle.

The winning faction will earn a spot on the Milsim Weekend Plaque for years to come!! Tell your friends, Build Your Team, and earn bragging rights for the year!

Points in the game are made up of Capture Points, Missions, and Frago’s that are counted on a hour to hour basis or by completing the mission/Frago in the time frame available!

2024 Games remaining: (Tickets sold on-site day of the event)

January 13th & 14th

March 9th & 10th

May 11th & 12th

July 13th & 14th

September 14th & 15th

November 9th & 10th

JTC Tactical Swap Meet Weekend!

Monthly Event - 3rd Weekend of every month

Swap Meet Weekend

This event is running on open play weekends and is a monthly event that players can come out to the field and set up a booth to buy, sell, and trade old airsoft related items while enjoying a day of slinging plastic too.


$25 Player field fee includes a booth slot to sell items.


**Please be aware that JTC isn't responsible for any buy, sell, or trade deals made during these weekends and all deals are handled on a player-to-player basis. **
(Don't Sale equipment that is damaged to anyone without them having knowledge of the damage to the item)

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