JTC offers a whole spectrum of special events and games to fit all play styles and are a great way to bring the community together to buy, sell, trade, & enjoy multiple different types of games and play styles.

Monthly Event - 2nd weekend 

MilSim Weekend

MilSim is short for Military Simulation, it is an event we host every month that features milsim style gameplay and objectives rather than individual game modes.
These are Green vs Tan events and feature FOB's instead of respawn points as team start/respawn locations. we also allow medic rules during these games which makes this a perfect way for new players to get a taste of how milsim events are done.
Please come out and join us for some fun and choose your side!

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Monthly Event - 3rd Weekend 

Swap Meet

Swap Meet Weekend


This event is ran on a regular play weekend and is a weekend every month that players can come out to the field and set up a booth to buy, sell, and trade old airsoft related items while enjoying a day of slinging plastic too.


$25 Player field fee includes a booth slot to sell items.


If your just out to sell/trade there will be a $10 per day $20 for the weekend booth slot rental to just sit and run your booth.


**Please be aware that JTC isn't responsible for any buy, sell, or trade deals made during these weekends and all deals are handled on a player to player basis.**

(Don't Sale equipment that is damaged to anyone with out them having knowledge of the damage to the item)


JTC Tactical Night Game!

05/07/2021 Check in opens at 5pm.


The JTC Night Game Is 4 Hours of Intense Night time Gameplay set In a Hyper realistic AO for $25 Per Player.

This Game is 2 Teams Blue vs Purple.
Each team member will be marked with either a blue or purple glow stick to identify your teammates.


These teams will battle it out in fast paced objective based rounds to see which team can be the most effective in lowlight/no-light situations.
Objectives will flow consecutively from 7pm-11pm with only small moments of down time, so on field Ammo & Resource management will be vital to success for your team.

*All players Must have a Red Dead light & Flashlight to Play.*
All Radio's, Tracers, NVG's, Lasers, etc... are recommended but Not Required!


Players Must be there by 6:30pm at the latest for check-in / game brief.


See Field & Game Rules on our website
All Game specific info will be given during safety brief.


**To RSVP for the event mark going on JTC Tactical Facebook event**