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(READ) The JTC Night Game Is 4 Hours of Intense Night time Gameplay set In a Hyper realistic AO for $25 Per Player.

This Game is 2 Teams Blue vs Purple. Each team member will be marked with either a blue or purple glow stick to identify your teammates.

These teams will battle it out in fast paced objective based rounds to see which team can be the most effective in lowlight/no-light situations. Objectives will flow consecutively from 7pm-11pm with only small moments of down time, so on field Ammo & Resource management will be vital to success for your team.

*All players Must have a Red Dead light & Flashlight to Play.* All Radio's, Tracers, NVG's, Lasers, etc... are recommended but Not Required!

Players Must be there by 6:30pm at the latest for check-in / game brief.

See Field & Game Rules on our website All Game specific info will be given during safety brief.

To RSVP mark going on the facebook event!

Jeff Perry


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